Will Scarlet's litters

1)     Guerandine des Coeurs de Lune  ⇰ Guerandine's Photos


Will Scarlet  and Guerandine’s litter of 3 puppies born in France on September 20, 2015


Loid des Coeurs de Lune  

Lorcan des Coeurs de Lune  

Lupi des Coeurs de Lune  

2) Dixie Vlčí Píseň   ⇰ Dixie's Photos

Will Scarlet  and Dixie’s litter of 8 puppies born in Czech Republic on  May 28, 2017

Harry Vlčí píseň
Hawkens Sam Vlčí píseň
Hood Vlčí píseň
Hunter Vlčí píseň
Hurricane Vlčí píseň
Hanna Vlčí píseň
Henrietta Vlčí píseň
Holy Vlčí píseň

3) Three Little Bird's Culcha Candela   ⇰ Candela's Photos

Will Scarlet  and Candela’s litter of 7 puppies born in Austria on  June 20, 2017

Three Little Bird's Easy Rider

Three Little Bird's Englisman In NY

Three Little Bird's Eye of the Tiger

Three Little Bird's Eyecatcher

Three Little Bird's Electric Spark

Three Little Bird's Elisa Too Little

Three Little Bird's Excellent One

4) Juanita Banana Of Muma    ⇰ Juanita's Photos

 Will Scarlet  and Juanita’s litter of 10 puppies born in France on June 30, 2017


Nar Galahad Of Muma  

Neither God Nor Lord Of Muma  

Nesven Of Muma

Norman Of Muma  

Norton Of Muma  

Neith Of Muma  

Nemesis Of Muma

Noor Of Muma  

Nounours Of Muma  

Nurrone Of Muma  

5) Dwarfs' Valley On The Wings of The Wind   ⇰ Lady's Photos

Will Scarlet  and Lady’s litter of 12 puppies born in Latvia on September 15, 2017

Dwarfs Valley Pelton  

Dwarfs' Valley Paeral   

Dwarfs' Valley  Paddy  

Dwarfs' Valley  Pearson

Dwarfs' Valley  Percival  

Dwarfs' Valley Peregrin  

Dwarfs' Valley Philip

Dwarfs' Valley  Perkons  

Dwarfs' Valley Pascal  

Dwarfs' Valley  Paloma

Dwarfs' Valley  Pippa

Dwarfs' Valley Polly

6) Pippi Langstrump Dei Mangialupi  
⇰ Pippi's Photos

Will Scarlet  and Pippi’s litter of 1 puppy  born in Italy on December 7, 2017

Urania dei Mangialupi  

7) Castlekeep's Steel Magnolia          ⇰ Magnolia's Photos

Will Scarlet  and Magnolia’s litter of 2 puppies  born in Canada on December 23, 2017

Castlekeep’s Steel Will  

Castlekeep’s Scarlett Magnolia

8) Maciarot Cabra Castle    ⇰ Cabra's Photos

Will Scarlet  and Cabra’s litter of 1 puppy  born in Italy on March 9, 2018

Bianca di DonnaFrancesca

9)     Judélie des Coeurs de Lune   ⇰ Judelie's Photos

 Will Scarlet  and Judelie’s litter of 9 puppies born in France on June 24, 2018

Occhi di Breizh des Coeurs de Lune  
Ordal des Coeurs de Lune  
Ouesant des Coeurs de Lune  
Oreadele Des Coeurs de Lune
Ormelle Des Coeurs de Lune
Oya Des Coeurs de Lune
Ouahlly Des Coeurs de Lune
Orane Des Coeurs de Lune
Otomne Des Coeurs de Lune