Starting in Sighthounds, living with Wolfhounds
By Alex Riva

The Beginning Many years ago I discovered the Irish Wolfhound. This happened in Milan. My wife and I were impressed by the great size and at the same time by the sweetness of these dogs.

We got some information and we did some research on the breed. We went to a few dog shows hoping to meet them, and shortly thereafter we got our first Wolfhound, Merlino.
Everything revolved around him and the world of Wolfhounds. We made new friendships, always related to the world of this breed. Thanks to these friendships we were persuaded to let Merlino mate a bitch owned by a novice breeder, and so Parsifal was born.

A Fresh Start
We know the problems associated with this breed. We have read a lot, we have consulted people who are more experienced than we are, and we decided to once again open our home to a puppy — but this time, starting on the right foot.

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