Sunday 27 August 2017

FCI Central European Sighthound Show & Sighthound Club Show 2017 Will Scarlet got the titles both days

Excellent results for Will Scarlet at the Central Europe Sighthound Show in Mojmirovce (SK).

FCI Central European Sighthound Show

Mojmirovce (SVK) 2017.26.08

Will Scarlet got CAC, BOS

Sighthound Club Show

Mojmirovce (SVK) 2017.27.08

Will Scarlet got CAC, Club Winner, BOB, BIS 3rd

Sire: Baloo dei Mangialupi

Dam: Grand Prix Roan Inish

Br.: Lori D. & Poli M. Own.: Ottavia & Alex Riva

Breed Judge: Mrs Barbara Ruth Smith (SWE)

BIS Judge: Ms Jocelyne Gagné (CAN)

Photos by Bo Bengtson  Roland Fűri   Jan Bukoven